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(This message is for no one but me, really, to convince myself.) No, it's gone for good this time. I mean it. And it's for the best. I'm taking the archives offline and the domain won't be renewed when it expires early next year. I won't pretend it's not a bit of a wrench doing this, because having my own little corner of the web - at times, a vaguely creative one (before it all got ugly, warped and terrifying) - has been important to me for almost fifteen years. But it's time to throw away this particular crutch, not least because I'd stopped leaning on it for support and instead was bashing myself over the head with it until bloody. I miss writing, but I'd stopped writing about stuff, about ideas and imaginings and attempts at stories, because my creative mind has long since ceased to exist. Life saw to that. Instead, this place had just become about me and what's in here [taps forehead], which is very messy, grisly and shouldn't be for public consumption. So once again, and for definite, thanks for reading.